1.Focus laser head can't radiate light.

a) Laser can't radiate light:

1) Laser power wan not turned on.Turn on the laser power supply.
2) Some problem occurs in the junction between laser tube and laser power connect it well.
3) The laser tube damaged because of aging : replace a new one.
4) The laser power supply damaged: replace a new power supply. There is no signal for laser radiation from the control system.
5) Examine the connection between the control system and the power of laser, and check the control system.

b) Deflection of light way lens/mirrors: reset light way.

2. Cutting or engraving depth is not enough.

1) The setting of laser power export is too low: set the laser power output to a higher level in the control panel.
2) Cutting/engraving speed is too high: set the speed to a lower level in the control panel.
3) Reflex mirrors and focus lens in the light way have polluted or the plating reflex menbrane of the mirrors surface and clarity increasing menbrane of the lens surface damaged: clean the lens/mirrors or change a new lens/mirrors.
4) The focus of lens is not in correct place :reset focus point.
5) Aging porblem of laser tube: increase laser power setting value or change laser tube.
6) output electric current not powerful enough: adjust the power supply or change to another one.

3. After the computer output typesetting, the machine can't move.

1) The power supply of driven system of engraving machine is not turned on: turn the power on.
2) The communicate cable between computer and engraving machine is not connected well:turn off main power switch and connect them well.
3) The motion control card or the soft dog is not well installed

4. There are redundant threads in engraving or cutting course.

1) There are some problems with communication cable: Please change communication cable.
2) Engraving machine and computer are not earthed well: let the machine and computer earthed reliably.
3) There are creep age or the clutter in the computer power supply: change or maintain the computer power supply.
4) Computer system error:reinstall computer operation system or chang another computer.
5) There are too many temporary files in the computer: clear the computer system in time and delete the temporary files.
6) Application software error: reinstall application software and setup the driven software.
7) If using the machine in moisture surrounding and lots of dust accumulating on the
machine case,communication cable or the inside connection line will make the power
discharge disturb: clean and warm-up the machine before use it.
8) Unsteadiness of outer power caused by power disturbance: choose an more pure power supply.
9) There are high frequency disturb source around the machine: keep away with the haigh requency disturb source.

5. The output is rejected,there are something discord locally, or file is missed partly.

1) The design exceeds the range: check the range of the design, then reduce the design range to the apporpriate range.
2) The file size is too large: reduce the setting defintion, or increase the scanning step distance, or to scan sengraving function without pre-accelerate.



What is a Laser ?

Laser is an acronym which stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
The energy generated by the laser is in or near the optical portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.                      Energy is amplified to extremely high intensity by an atomic process called stimulated emission.                            The term "radiation" is often misinterpreted because the term is also used to describe radioactive materials or ionizing radiation.
The use of the word in this context, however, refers to an energy transfer.                                                        Energy moves from one location to another by conduction, convection, and radiation. The color of laser light is normally expressed in terms of the laser's wavelength. The most common unit used in expressing a laser's wavelength is a nanometer (nm). There are one billion nanometers in one meter.


The optical spectrum. Laser light is nonionizing and ranges from the
ultra-violet (100 - 400nm), visible (400 - 700nm), and infrared (700nm - 1mm).

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