300-USB cutting plotter     USB cutting plotter

  more choice !!!  more stronger !!!

Easy Operation  Unique streamline body design and top-setting control panel with the LCD display make the plotters much easier to operate while having the most beautiful look. In addition, the keyboard is more durable than the old ones and its brand-new auto-storing function allows it to work straight away after being switched on.

High Quality  New micro-step arithmetic lets the plotters have high quality and smoother curve with high speed.

Adjustable  As a result of different materials have different extensions, the actual size is a little different from the cutting size.  However, 300/600/1300 have solved this problem very successfully by allowing operators to adjust parameters.

Independent Repeat  All the NEW CENTURY series have 1Mb flash buffer and this enables the plotters to cut images or letters without any command from the computer.

High Precision  300/600/1350/1600 also have the unique Chaostec rotating knives which ensures utmost agility and precision. *The plotters also take the high precise spindles which can guarantee the precision again when cutting the long materials (e.g. this type is especially suitable for banner making in advertising).* What is more amazing, with a normal graphic pen, you can even check how finished jobs will turn out even before cutting.

Lighter weight  High-quality aluminum alloy makes the plotters 20% lighter and the special disposal to the surface makes them fadeless for ten years.

High Durability  *Dual-press sheet and dual cutter position plus half-cutting layering which is added to the original layering can cut vinyl and paper template in rag trade .*

Versatile  Chaostec PLTDRAW software (Offered by Chaostec for free, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP compatible.) makes its CT series compatible with many HPGL software, such as AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, which expands your graphics capabilities. Blade-offset values can be adjusted manually for optimum results for a wide range of vinyl and this ensures the precision of small characters.

Chaostec also offers some drivers for other plotting software, such as CASMATE PRO, ILLUSTRATOR etc. This allows the software to control the cutters directly.

Safety and Reliability  Chaostec products have been approved by the Chinese safety, performance and environment testing.  Moreover, they are awarded ISO9001 which ensures the high quality.

Inexpensive Price  Chaostec always chase the high quality and the best services. However, "small profits but quick turnover " has always been Chaostec's tenet. Consequently, as our customers, you will always receive the best products with inexpensive prices and the best services.




300-USB 600-USB 1350-USB 1600-USB
Mainboard Numeral DC(direct current) Micro-step  drive
Drive Micro-step  drive
Acceptable media widths 360MM 730MM 1350MM 1600MM
Max cutting widths 270MM 640MM 1250MM 1500MM
Max cutting speed (mm/s) 800MM/S
Max cutting thickness(mm) 1mm
Pressure of cutter (g)  0-600(numeral adjustment)
Mechanical precision(mm) 0.025MM
Repeatable precision(mm) <±0.1mm
Type of cutter 

long longevity high-speed carbon alloy-steel cutter

Type of drawing pen all types of ø14.4 water-paint,oil-paint,ball-paint,and poster drawing pen
Drawing instruction   PL/HT-GL(TM)
Interface   USB
pen seat
knife seat
knife 3 pics 3 pics 3 pics 3 pics
Special nylon slipcover
stand X
Power supply AC110V~AC22060HZ/50HZ
Power consumption <120VA <180VA
Operating environment

temperature:+5ºC-35ºC,relative temperature:30ºC-70ºC

 Dimension(mm) 1010*230*280 1310*240*280 1610*240*280 1910*240*280
Weight(kg) 22kg 38kg 40kg 52kg
FOB Price(USD) 330 425 520 900
Exceed 50 pics 200 250 300 550


  cutting plotter's application 



car's art


paper model


paster        aluminum

reflective materials

反光膜  反光膜

engraving glass







heat transfer foils

熱轉印膜經割字機切割   可加溫燙印于衣服箱包等纖維面料上


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